Hello Everyone,
Thank you for visiting! I am a Persian Breeder located in
western Wisconsin. Cats are not just a part of my life, cats
are my
life passion. My cattery is based off of the CFA
show standard.

My goal is to breed Persians for:
#1 health, #2 personality, and #3 looks.
Focusing on quality rather than quantity.
I will not cut any corners, since it is the right thing to do.

Specializing in Bi-colors, Tabbies, and Smokes.
I hope that in the near future I can bring wonderful
Persians to the show ring as well as purr-fect pets! Feel
free to contact me anytime at
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CH Deebows  Bentley of Archoffaith
I am also Offering Local:
In Your Home Pet Sitting Service
Here to check it out
***Hoping for 2019 Litters Soon!!!***

Waiting List Started
CFA Midwest Region 6