I have always loved animals of all kinds. I knew that I
had to work with animals my whole life. Once I became
older I fell in love with cats! I did some research and
picked my favorites. I knew that Persians were meant
for me. I love the coat, stockiness of the body, and how
can you forget the laid back personality?

2008 was first year showing any type of animal, and it
was great! You meet so many different kinds of people
at the shows and it is a never ending, learning

I graduated from University of Wisconsin River Falls in
2009. I studied Field Biology with a Conservation minor.
I have some Pre-Vet and Bio-Medical classes on the
side as well.

I worked at an animal clinic in Hudson, Wisconsin for 4
years during college. I absolutely loved working with the
animals and learning all of the new medical advances. I
was one of the receptionists/assistants.
One of my goals in breeding cats, is to close the gap
between breeders and Veterinarians. I hope that we
can learn from one another and do what is best for the
breeds in the cat fancy.

I also worked at a Kennel and training facility in Hudson,
Wisconsin. I love taking care of peoples' family
members and making them feel right at home. I am
constantly learning about animals in everything I am

I was also involved in a Corporate Financial team at a
local pet food and accessory supplier in Minnesota,
Wisconsin, and Colorado for 2 years. I also worked in
the stores for 2 years and went through extensive
training on different diets and nutrition for pets.

I also offer an in your home
Pet Sitting in Hudson, WI
and surrounding areas.

I have a wonderful
human family with 2 children: Jase
and Korra.
My amazing Fiancé Ricky loves to help and
learn all about our cats and I cant wait to see how our
teamwork translates to the cat fancy.

All of this helps me do the best for my feline family and
I believe it makes me a better breeder and Cat Fancier
and I can't wait to meet you!
Alyse and Ricky