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Retired/Past cats
Born: 04/30/2014
Brown Patched Mac Tabby and White

She is a wonderful mother! Very nice personality with this girl! She loves
attention from my young children. Love the coloring on this girl and a
boxy body as well!
Born: 07/08/2016
Red Mac Tabby and White

Holy Box Body! I cant wait to
show this beauty. She is hott
and she knows it lol.
Wonderful head and body!
Built like a male!
Born: 07/21/2016

This girl has a wonderful full tail
and splendid personality! She is
a licker and loves all other cats
and kids!
CH Archoffaith Oribella
CH Archoffaith
Quazy Quinn
Archoffaith Sparkle
Born: 03/10/2013
Tortie Smoke

Super Mother! She rules the roost
and is very playful! Wonderful eye
color on this girl!
CH Joleigh Naughtia
of Archoffaith
Born: 9/7/11
Cream and White

Pictured napping with past kittens-too
She is one of our door greeters! Loves to
sun bathe in the large windows in the
dinning room.
CH Marja Ida Anna
of Archoffaith
Archoffaith Unity Blue Berrie
Born: 02/17/2017
Blue Mac Tabby and White

Huge Round Eyes on this girl very nice head doming! Very nice
coat coming in can't wait to see how she matures.
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