CH Deebows Bentley of
CH Joleigh Lancer Evo of
CH Archoffaith Phoenix
Archoffaith Rolls Royce
DOB 12-11-2006
Black Smoke and White

He has a great personality! He loves to play and purr all day
long. He is a wonderful boy. He has a nice large smooth head
with thick boning. Nice small rounded ears. Bentley is very
stocky and built like a box!
DOB 05-11-2012
Cameo Tabby and White

Lance is a sweetie with lots of spirit!
He loves to play catch with any toy
He thinks he is the best hunter of
them all. He gets along with
everybody such a nice boy!
DOB 03-23-2016
Black Smoke and White

Very large boy! He acts like a tiger
and uses his large paws to hug you!
Super lovey and acts like a puppy
dog and follows me everywhere.
DOB 07-20-2016
Red and White Van

Major food hound! He is always on the hunt for something to
eat. He is very easy to train since he is so food motivated...
Maybe I will have to try agility with this boy? lol!
CH Marja's Black Tie Affair
DOB 6-14-2011
Black and White

We call him Tyler. He is a snuggle bug and loves to be petted
and he rolls right over for a belly rub! Such a sweet
personality and he loves to 'talk' to you. He is very vocal and
announces himself to everyone.